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Paying for Hospital Services: A Hard Look at the Options

An April 2013 report by Sutherland, Crump, Repin, and Hellsten published by the CD Howe Institute finds ABF is a viable complement to fixed annual lump sum budgets for rebalancing the financial incentives for Canadian hospitals.

New issue of Health Care Funding News

The April 2013 issue examines methods of measuring healthcare quality and costs and previews upcoming health care funding-related presentations.

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Upcoming CAHSPR presentations

The Health Care Funding team will be giving two presentations at the Canadian Association for Health Services and Policy Research conference in Vancouver in May. The first examines methods for analyzing costs of care and the second the effect of ABF in BC.

Funding health care in Quebec

The Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement has released two reports by Sutherland, Repin, and Crump that review the roles of financial incentives in funding health care and then examine these incentives in the context of Montreal, Quebec.